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April 22, 2017

Road Trip Sierra-Nevada trial version is now available for the PC (a Paypal link for the retail version will be available soon).

Get it HERE

The XBOX360 version is now available for trial or purchase ($1.00 U.S.) under the Indie game section.

Versions for XBOX-One , iOS, and Android will be out soon.

The trial version is a limited version (8 minute play time, only 1 car) with an option to purchase the full game.

Additional courses will be added after the initial release of the Sierra Nevada course.

Game Instructions:

Find out how good of a driver you are. You can go as fast as you want, but look out for the slower traffic. Each level has more traffic and less time to finish. Try to finish all 10 levels. Overall score is based on total distance and speed.




Road Trip




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Road Trip 2Kx Series

Road Trip 2000 has evolved from its initial release, which featured a long course that traversed the Sierra-Nevada, to its present form, which features state-of-the-art terrain texturing, and other photo realistic 3-dimensional objects, intended to re-create the accuracy and realism.The latest version uses 7 1/2 minute topographic data such as the following terrain mesh:



GIS Technology

Aerial Textures are overlaid on actual terrain elevation meshes. See a sample image here.


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